Synapse Summit 2023 – The Biggest Innovation Event of the Year

Synapse Summit 2023


Established in 2017, Synapse is a powerhouse within the innovation community of Florida, creating incredible opportunities for talented entrepreneurs, investors, and workers to access necessary resources and share their own unique solutions. Through fantastic yearly events, they bring together leaders from all walks of life to provide inspirational thought leadership, showcase innovative solutions and build lasting connections. 

These ambitious events are an exciting platform where life-changing investments can be made, new customers can be acquired, funding is secured, and invaluable talent is hired – not to mention the abundance of opportunities for learning and growth that these events offer. Synapse has truly transformed the landscape of Florida’s innovation industry with its passionate commitment to bringing people from diverse backgrounds together.

It’s an exciting time in Florida, with many innovative minds working to solve difficult challenges and create groundbreaking products and services. This is why Synapse has made it its mission to bring together the area’s most passionate innovators to showcase the limitless potential of our great state. Amplifying these stories and connecting people to share experiences generates a strong, positive energy that can help propel global innovation all around us. Synapse’s vision for Florida’s future is one of collaboration, a collaboration that will drive innovation, spur economic growth, and transform lives on a local, national, and international level.

This year, Synapse is back and ready to take over Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL, on February 14th! This event is an excellent opportunity for those looking to join the innovation movement and discover all that the Florida innovation community has to offer. Whether you prefer physical meet-ups or virtual conversations using the Synapse hybrid community feature, now is your chance to connect with other passionate innovators and expand your network.

Keynote speakers include: 

  • CEO/Founder Love Squad, Peloton Instructor, Ally Lowe
  • CEO, Revolution / Co-founder AOL, Steve Case
  • Co-founder, Cade Museum for Creativity & Innovation Phoebe Miles
  • Founder, CEO, CIO ARK Invest Cathie Wood

For the past five years, Synapse Summit has been making a magical impact on entrepreneurs and business leaders – giving them an incredible platform to showcase their solutions, build brand awareness, and engage with other innovative stakeholders across Florida. This special event has already helped so many organizations reach new heights, and this year there are more opportunities than ever to take part through special packages tailored specifically to help you stand out from the rest and make your presence felt! Check out sponsorship and exhibit opportunities here.

The day will be filled with amazing content for you, by you. From innovative leaders and hands-on workshops to dynamic panel discussions, skills building, and trend-spotting! 

Join Synapse Summit 2023 on February 14th as they celebrate everything this movement stands for: inspiration and education, collaboration, ideation, and most of all – innovation. See you there!


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