Insights from the Synapse Summit 2023: Showcasing Emerging Tech and Start-Up Success Stories

synapse summit 2023


The Synapse Summit is a must-see for those interested in emerging tech and start-ups. When attending the event, viewers can expect the latest creations in software, web design, app creation, and more!

News Bosses had the opportunity to speak with many organizations during the Synapse Summit 2023 earlier this year. Listed below are insights into how these companies felt having the opportunity to showcase their innovation. 

  1. “We’re here in reference to the NGT (Next Gen Tech) competition, we’re in high school, and a problem we face a lot is not knowing much about cooking or what to make with what’s in our fridge. So, we made an app that we’ll be pitching in front of judges for a $10,000 prize.” – Rocco Melchiorre on his app, Rype.
    • Rype allows users to capture the ingredients in their fridge or pantry and be met with a list of recipes with nutritional information provided. The app has not yet launched as they are awaiting the results of the competition.
  1. “This is my first time attending Synapse Summit. So it’s important in that regard. This is my first time here, and also representing Blacks in Technology at this event, as we exist to provide resources, networking, and training for minorities that are interested in getting into technology. So, Synapse is a perfect venue for us to be able to do that.” –BIT
    • BIT is a collective community dedicated to “‘stomping the divide’ by establishing standards for world-class excellence.” Blacks in Technology is a community and media mentorship program providing resources, guidance, and challenges for its members. Their goals are to establish new standards of global innovation. 
  1. “Well, I love just being around everyone but also finding different resources and services from other people that are in the same situation. From finding IP attorneys to additional software service providers to other entrepreneurs and how they navigated everything.” – Court Potter, Pickle Living
    • Potter took her personal problems and came up with a solution. After experiencing communication issues regarding her grandmother’s health, she decided to simplify the process. Pickle Living makes it easy for sick or injured clients to keep their families in the loop. Service providers assist in making sure things go as smoothly as possible when you are in a pickle.
  1. “We moved to Tampa about two years ago. When we moved from New York to Tampa, we were just blown away by the tech environment. And that’s why we started moving in this direction.” – AlexAnndra Ontra Shufflr
    • Shufflr is a new technology that helps businesses create, share and give presentations quickly and easily. It’s designed specifically for sales and training teams who need to make sure their presentations are on-brand and compliant with their message. This kind of technology has been around for a while, but Shufflr is the latest and most up-to-date version.
  1. Maka Social – If you’re looking to find the newest outlook on speed dating Maka Social might be for you. “Our company has built an app that addresses those cultural and psychological barriers, allowing anyone – from the life of the party to the shyest person in the room – to form new, meaningful social ties quickly and easily.” A dating approach that emphasizes meeting potential partners in person rather than relying solely on online interactions. The company hosts speed dating events where participants are paired with 6 to 12 people of the opposite sex for 6-minute mini-dates. If there is a mutual interest, contact information is exchanged to continue the conversation outside of the event. The company also has a companion app designed to help people with social anxiety feel more comfortable and confident when meeting new people.
  1. Bytient Technologies- “The only B2B (business to business) data provider leveraging forensic intelligence and predictive analytics using machine learning to get hundreds of data points on your potential buyers, competitors, partners, and even entire entrepreneurship ecosystems.” Utilizing this service, viewers are able to access company descriptions, employee lists, and all associated professional contact information. From there, they can also access the technology companies utilize for website software and their hiring systems. 
  1. Catania Product Development- A company with the ability to meet passion with innovation. Catania prides itself on their artistic product development, innovative engineering services, and the passionate team behind it all. They offer designs with the consumer or end-user in mind blending high-tech capability with style and user-friendly interfaces. Catania helps small companies meet growth challenges and provide streamlined processes tailored to each client’s individual needs. Behind these services is a highly skilled and efficient team passionate about producing the best quality products and services.
  1. LifePulse- LifePulse Bioscience is changing the face of oncology. LifePulse VetPulse C is the first of its kind to be engineered and produced in the United States. They are providing effective treatment of tumors as a part of adjuvant, neoadjuvant, or palliative care in horses, dogs, cats, exotic animals, and marine life. LifePulse created its device with the end-user in mind. With a simpler technology, the practitioner maintains assurance of delivery [of the treatment] and the reduced risk of healthy tissue damage. They are hoping to become the new gold standard when treating malignant tumors for a variety of animal life across the board of oncology.
  1. “The big goal of what we try to provide from a value standpoint is to save people time and help them look their best and feel their best.” – Holly Whyte Tom James
    •  Since 1966, the Tom James Company has been making custom clothing for busy professionals. As the largest custom clothing manufacturer in the world, clothiers work with you to build a wardrobe for the office, the weekend, and any special occasion in your life.
  1. Swiftpaws – SwiftPaws is a brand that makes fun and healthy products for pets so they can live their best lives. They’re based in Florida, and their most popular product is called SwiftPaws Home, which is an easy-to-use game for pets to play in their own backyard. People and pets love it!


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