The Lipstick Network’s Global Summit: An Exploration of Vitality

Q2 Summit_Speaker Lineup


Hosted by: The Lipstick Network at Embarc Collective

June 6th emerges as a grand celebration for The Lipstick Network, as it hosts its Q2 global summit. This eagerly anticipated event occurs every quarter, each carrying a unique theme. For Q2, the focus lies on ‘vitality,’ a term pulsating through every activity and interaction at the summit. Charity Golden, the founder, shares, “We’re asking, we’re declaring that we can lead, live, and love with vitality. We’re exploring what that means.”

The exploration of vitality, as diverse as it is subjective, journeys through health, wellness, beauty, humor, and safety. Attendees can look forward to a whirlwind of inspiration and growth, with activities and speakers all echoing the vitality theme.

Pop-Up Alert!

The summit is not just about listening and learning, but also about shopping with a purpose. Procure, Hyde Park Village’s newest boutique, will set up an exclusive pop-up shop, offering limited edition apparel crafted with love by women passionate about their work. Be there at 4pm to shop for uniquely curated gifts, teas, and other unique products that uplift and support women-artisans and businesses in the process. 

Inspirational Speakers

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Eudene Harry, a beacon of self-love and holistic wellness, is joining the summit. With over 25 years as a physician, she is a powerhouse of medical expertise and will guide attendees in ditching the 3 D’s – diet, doubts, and deprivation, in favor of holistic wellness and self-love.

Speaker Spotlight: Get ready for a laughter-filled learning experience at the Vitality Summit with Dr. Kerry Szymanski, a seasoned stand-up comedian and Director of the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre. Her talk, “Laugh It Off – What Stand-Up Comedy Can Teach Business Owners About Resiliency,” blends humor with powerful insights, teaching audiences how the art of comedy can cultivate resilience in the entrepreneurial world. Be prepared for an unforgettable session that promises both chuckles and transformative wisdom.

Speaker Spotlight: Interior designer Alejandra Brady, a Certified Crystal Healer and Feng Shui master practitioner, will share her wisdom on creating spaces that don’t just look beautiful but enhance wellbeing and lifestyle. With 15 years of interior design expertise and a transformative journey into the world of Feng Shui, she’s ready to inspire attendees to create a better life through better spaces.

Speaker Spotlight: Melanie Lippman, an image consultant, and certified color consultant, is set to guide attendees on how to dress for success and unleash their confidence. With her deep-rooted passion for fashion, Melanie aims to transform closets and lives, one fashionista at a time.

Speaker Spotlight: Emiliano Cardona from Central City, a guru of self-defense, will bring a fresh perspective on safety and self-empowerment through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His unique teaching method focuses on developing students’ abilities over time, using a family-focused approach.

What to Expect

The Vitality Summit guarantees a feast for all tastes, featuring vegan options as well as a chicken version of the classic ropa vieja dish, prepared by Ph.D. Christian Wright, a chef with a Ph.D. in nutritional science, catered by Tammy Lynn Cares. As the gastronomic delights unfold, Jo Bakal will be offering Reiki massages to further soothe and uplift attendees.

The Lipstick Network is proud to host this inclusive summit, inviting members and those curious about the network. While the event promises an enriching experience with inspirational talks and immersive activities, a firm focus on social responsibility prevails. A portion of the event’s proceeds, 50% of ticket sales, will be donated to Hyde Park Presbyterian’s weekly initiative to feed 509 children through “68 Hours of No Hunger” and Coffee Uniting People – an inclusive place of work for people with disabilities. 

On June 6th, join us for an event teeming with energy, inspiration, and, most importantly, vitality. Let’s celebrate life, explore wellness, and shop with purpose. The Vitality Summit awaits your presence!

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