About News Bosses

About News Bosses

News Bosses is an online, independent media source that is committed to honest and accurate journalism. Launched in October 2022, we offer a truly global perspective on Tampa Bay’s business landscape, exploring the great opportunities Tampa Bay has to offer! Harnessing insights from local startups, artists, musicians, influencers, futurists, and innovators, News Bosses is the leading source of information on the region’s top employers, the latest start-ups, and insights into Tampa Bay’s economic future.

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Meet The Editors

nadia kaminskaya

Nadia Kaminskaya, MBA

Varsha Issrani

Varsha Issrani, MBA, MSBA

alexis quintal

Alexis Quintal

Alexis Quintal is the owner and CEO of Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective, a company made up of talented marketing consultants and freelancers that specialize in thought leadership and media opportunities to help brands market themselves genuinely & grow. Before starting her own firm in 2020, Alexis enjoyed 10+ years in the marketing industry as a sales manager at the Walmart Media Group and media director at Newswire. Alexis is known for being goal-driven and becoming an extension of each of her client’s teams. In her personal life, Alexis enjoys being active and outdoors in sunny Tampa, Florida with her husband and two huskies.

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