Chris Scholl – Emerging Tampa Bay Artist Uses Mixed Media to Create Powerful Pieces 

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As the president of Scholl Artistic Association and Creative Director of Phoenix Portfolio Partners, an Agile Venture Fund and Start-up Incubator, Chris Scholl uses his artistic mind to draw people in. 

Chris Scholl, a self-taught emerging artist in Tampa Bay, uses mixed media to motivate and inspire others. 

Ben Sever, Co-Founder and Investor of the Scholl Artistic Association, says “Partnering with Chris Scholl was one of the easiest decisions I have made from a mentorship as well as investment standpoint. He is a military veteran, has overcome the deep trauma, is one of the most talented artists in the southeast and he’s extremely humble. Although I used my board, resources and partnerships to bring him into the enterprise sector, I remind him on a daily basis that I am the one who should feel honored in this partnership- that he would allow me to invest in him. This is the mutual respect that I instill in every company within Phoenix Portfolio Partners. We all have our zones of genius and we all acknowledge that we have a lot to learn from each other.”

“After growing up in North Carolina, then spending 4 years in the military, I decided to headquarter my artistic passion in Florida,” says Scholl.

Since then, Scholl has created dozens of art pieces that can be seen on his Instagram page. By combining different mediums, he is able to create texture and depth that wouldn’t be possible with just one medium. This allows him to create artwork that is both visually stunning and emotionally powerful.

The depths of his art don’t stop there, his work is featured in the cities of Tampa, Miami, and Raleigh, and with increased media exposure, he is capturing the eyes of many nationwide who are intrigued by his work. 

What makes Scholl’s work so appealing is the inspiration behind it. He draws his inspiration from a wide range of sources, including history, nature, and music. However, no matter where he draws inspiration from, he always tells a story. 

chris scholl - news bosses interview

Scholl has been on quite the journey as an artist, but it hasn’t always been easy, as he’s faced his share of challenges.

“My toughest challenge has been surrounding myself with like-minded people and people that want to see me grow,” says Scholl. “And also getting myself to a point where I can focus solely on my work, without any distractions.”

In addition to challenges in the industry, he faced personal challenges, including a family loss. 

Because he had to pivot at that moment, he tells people, “the world doesn’t stop for anyone, so you have to learn to adjust and keep a strong mentality.” 

And with all that he’s encountered, he continues to create meaningful work and hopes to one day see himself as an established artist around the world with his galleries. 

Scholl is truly a man of many talents who is using his artistic abilities to inspire and motivate others. If you’re looking for someone who can create truly unique and original art, then be sure to check out Chris Scholl’s work.


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