Elizabeth Barenis: Capturing Tampa’s Beauty in Every Brushstroke

Elizabeth Barenis


In the bustling art scene of Tampa, Elizabeth Barenis stands out as an artist who encapsulates the city’s serene landscapes and abstract beauty. With a career spanning nearly two decades, Barenis has become a voice for Tampa’s unspoken elegance, translating its charm onto canvas.

Integrating into Tampa’s Art Scene

Since arriving in Tampa Bay in 2015, Barenis has immersed herself in the local art community. Reflecting on her journey, she notes the growing appreciation for art in the area, a sentiment that mirrors her own passion for artistic expression.

A Lifelong Journey to Art

For Barenis, art was a consistent calling. She fondly remembers realizing her true calling in visual arts, a realization that stemmed from a childhood filled with creative exploration. Painting, for her, is more than a medium—it’s a natural extension of her essence.

Artistic Philosophy: Simplifying Complexity

Barenis’s artistry lies in simplifying life’s complexities. Her work abstracts the mundane, encouraging viewers to acknowledge the finer details while embracing the broader beauty of existence. This approach offers a refreshing perspective in an often overwhelming world.

Embracing Awe through Art

Central to Barenis’s art is the emotion of awe—encouraging a shift towards a more loving, appreciative world. Her pieces reflect this philosophy, urging onlookers to engage with the world’s inherent beauty.

Inspirations: From Childhood to Tampa Bay

Drawing from vivid memories of Mississippi Delta sunsets, Barenis’s work is a testament to finding beauty in adversity. Tampa Bay’s cultural diversity and picturesque landscapes continue to fuel her creativity, keeping her artistic fire burning.

Navigating Artistic Tides

Barenis likens her career to the ocean’s tides, with its highs and lows. These phases have taught her to remain steadfast in her faith, trusting in the natural cycle of creative momentum.

Defining Success

For Barenis, success is measured by audience reception and the demand for her work. This reciprocal relationship between artist and viewer is what drives her to continuously create and innovate.

Art as a Lifelong Commitment

Artistry for Barenis is more than a job; it’s a way of life. Always contemplating her next project, she embodies the perpetual creativity that defines both her art and her personal growth.

Aspirations for a Higher Consciousness

Barenis envisions her art as a catalyst for a more accepting, loving world. She values Tampa’s diversity as a cornerstone for artistic inspiration and a higher quality of life.

Gratitude and Future Endeavors

Expressing gratitude to local figures like Richard Seidel and Elizabeth Brincklow, Barenis is eager to see how viewers interpret her art. With upcoming exhibitions and involvement in the Artistic Incubator, she looks forward to engaging more with the art community.

A Message to Fellow Artists

Her advice to fellow artists is simple yet profound: “Keep calm and paint on!” This mantra epitomizes her tranquil dedication to her craft, reflecting the serenity that her art so beautifully conveys.


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