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tracey jones


Tracey Jones was born in Pennsylvania and was lucky enough to gain travel experience and learn about different cultures that would further inspire her art. Starting at the age of six, Jones came to the realization that she had a love for art and would continue this passion throughout her life. The artist values making mistakes and believes that they will help her learn and grow. She also finds inspiration in Frida Kahlo‘s pieces and is working towards a goal of inspiring people as she did.

Tracey Jones is a local Tampa artist originally from Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Jones got into art at the young age of six and began selling her art at fifteen. Her dad encouraged her art by gifting her illustration books, and from there, she learned how to draw, paint, and sculpting. High school is when the young artist came to the realization that she could be a successful artist. Jones experienced a career in graphic design for over eighteen years and painting for ten.

When asked about her experiences that have inspired her, Jones tells us how well-traveled and well cultures she was at such a young age and how these experiences have helped her and her artwork while also educating her. Jones states, “I find inspiration in culture, color, and knowledge, I like to create vibrant art that holds meaning and tells a story.”  The statement really shows how much Jones values culture in the world around us.

Jones explains that she doesn’t mind making mistakes because they help her learn and grow each time. She now understands that it’s okay to make them because, without mistakes, there would be no growth, which applies to both her work and life. Along with learning and growing, Jones likes to set goals for herself; whether big or small, she believes they are very important. Setting small goals each day sets you up for success and motivates you to achieve even bigger goals. One of the artist’s main goals is to be able to use technology to “advance our race as human beings and not be distracted by it.” 

When asked what makes her love art, she stated that it is simply her therapy. Art is a way for people to creatively express themselves and their feelings without having to explain them in detail because art speaks for itself.

Jones is inspired by Frida Kahlo‘s boldness; she admires the complexity of her art and strives to accomplish the same. She hopes that one day when she is achieving all of her goals, she will be living on an island, creating art and sending it back to the people on the mainland to enjoy. Jones hopes that people observing her art will be drawn in by the colors and imagery, which will make them fall in love with the story; this is also the type of art that she likes to observe. Understanding a story within an art piece can be difficult; however, there usually lies a special meaning behind most art pieces.


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