Ragged Coffee: Spreading the Delicious and Beneficial Properties of Coffee to the Community

ragged coffee


Coffee is a universally beloved beverage, and the beans used to make Ragged Coffee blends are no different. Their beans come from around the world – “ Different origins have different climates, elevations, soil, and processing, making beans taste unique. We help bring those notes out of the bean. ” 

Ragged Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster located in Lutz, FL bringing coffee lovers fresh blends of delicious tasting coffee. 

“My goal as a roaster is to get great coffees from around the globe, roast them to (what I feel) is their perfect tasting profile, and then get that coffee in the cups of people who know what great coffee is and to those who haven’t figured it out yet,” said Larry Giglio, the owner of Ragged Coffee. 

Five years into the industry, the small-batch coffee roaster has already given the community a reason to love coffee.  

ragged coffee

“The main part of my business is wholesale to coffee shops, churches, restaurants, etc.,” says Giglio. “I also have a retail presence in some cafes as well as my own retail store where people can come and taste test coffees, purchase coffee and merchandise, and see the roaster in action.” 

Both Larry and Jaime Giglio, the wife-husband duo that runs Ragged Coffee, weren’t always in the coffee manufacturing industry. One day they decided to make it their mission to connect their community to the wonders of coffee. 

“Transitioning out of carpentry work, my wife and I wanted to have a business where we could work together while also being available and plugged into our community,” says Larry. “Considering how much coffee is consumed in the world and its benefits, we also feel there is a huge need for more fresh coffee in our area.”

And, of course, with their huge missions, challenges are unavoidable, but Larry says, “When running a business, I try and stay ahead of perceived challenges, and for the most part, I’ve stayed ahead of some big ones. There are always going to be those day-to-day ones, but that is part of the fun.” 

When it comes to the challenges they run into, Larry says their community is what keeps them going. 

ragged coffee

“Having the coffee community be fairly close-knit also helps. So when there are those daily troubles of logistics, importing, roasting profiles, etc., there is a good support group around. It’s been pretty smooth.”

Although presented with the everyday challenges of running a business, they took a leap of faith by adding a new line called Snapchilled Coffee. 

“Some specialty coffee roasters don’t believe in canning coffee or that they do a disservice to small batch coffee sacrificing flavor for convenience,” says Larry.  “We are collaborating with Snapchill® coffee in Boston, where they have developed a proprietary way to brew and can our fresh roasted coffee maintaining its unique deep, rich, smooth flavor.” 

Sometimes as a business owner, leaps of faith are what grow your business. Now, as they look ahead to the future, they hope to see the company “in a big standalone Ragged roasting facility where people can come in and relax, taste different coffee, experience coffee, roasting, and visit.”


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