Tampa Family Fitness Is Not Just a Gym – Its a Community

tampa family fitness


“With over 10,000sq ft of free weights, cardio equipment, and a full-size boxing studio. We are a gym that can meet all of your fitness needs without being overcrowded like all the box gyms”  

In 2019, Sarah Amaral and her husband, Eddie, left their entire family in Canada and moved to the Tampa area to pursue their aspirations to be gym owners. 

“It was a dream of my husband to own a gym, and when we found our current location, I knew it was definitely something I could work with,” says Sarah. “We worked hard for 2 years to turn the business around and the name in the community.” 

They thought 2020 was going to be their year of success because “they finally started making money, and our memberships were at an all-time high,” says Sarah. But when COVID hit, “it was devastating to our business being mandated to close, all billing was shut off, and we had zero income,” Amaral. 

Throughout the pandemic, they made it their mission to” maintain a safe environment for our clients while still meeting the needs of our community,” says Sarah. 

She adds, “It was then that we saw how all our clients rallied around us and supported us. We realized that we may have left our family in Canada, but our clients have not only become friends but more like family. We love this community and our gym family.”

The growth of their business came from exactly that – “word of mouth in our community” and the family-friendly environment they provide. 

And today, Tampa Family Fitness  “offers everything from -personal training – powerlifting – cardio boxing – weight training – cardio classes.” Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for everything fitness and nutrition. 

They have turned Tampa Family Fitness into a community as “a gym that’s big enough to serve you and small enough to know you,” says Amaral. 

With perseverance, hard work, and determination, anyone can succeed in their chosen field. This is certainly true for Sarah and Eddie, two entrepreneurs who have overcome countless challenges to maintain the growth of their gym. Although the journey has not always been easy, they have learned valuable lessons along the way. Whether it’s dealing with unexpected setbacks or making difficult financial decisions, they have emerged stronger than ever before. 

And most importantly, they have gained a deep appreciation for the countless people who have helped them achieve their goals. In short, if there’s one thing that our inspiring duo can pass on to others attempting to start their own business, it’s that anything is possible with grit, resilience, and a little help from your community. And because their journey to become gym owners hasn’t been easy, Sarah gives some for anyone looking to open a business.

“I grew up in family business, so I’ve always known that you may be the owner, but you are also the janitor,” says Sarah. “This is your business, and no one will treat it better than you! Hard work and long hours is what it takes to grow and build a successful business.”

tampa family fitness


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