Alexis Quintal — Revolutionizing How Entrepreneurs Make Their Mark

alexis quintal


Need impactful public relations or a stellar marketing campaign? You’ll have to scour through thousands of resumes to find qualified talent with the perfect level of experience and a solid understanding of your business. 

Or you could just call Alexis Quintal.

Quintal is a seasoned marketing veteran who has worked for some pretty big names in the corporate world — Walmart Media Group and Newswire just to name a couple. But she knew at a young age when she started selling her hand-written books for 50 cents, that she was an entrepreneur at heart. She set up her first LLC as an independent marketing consultant in 2020. 

Quintal found success early, solving a lot of problems for her growing client base. As time went on, a common thread revealed itself — small businesses were struggling with finding the right talent that could help them scale up to the next level.

That’s what led Quintal to found Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective, a company with a big commitment to one simple goal: to help businesses, especially new and small enterprises, grow.

alexis quintal

“I’ve started multiple ventures,” Quintal said, “so I know, firsthand, that a great idea, a solid product, and ambition are not enough. You must position yourself for scaled growth from moment one. That takes the right branding and a strong marketing presence, which demands an entirely different mindset.”

Quintal founded Rosarium with an emphasis on tapping into her network of talented consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Technically, Rosarium employs no one. Instead, it brings together her network from all around the nation. They specialize in things like thought leadership, marketing, branding, strategy, design, and art — competencies that are crucial to any business’s success but are especially important for early- and mid-stage ventures.

“Who understands an entrepreneur business better than an entrepreneur?” Quintal said. “That’s why I created Rosarium to be unique. With most other agencies, the owner is the only independent business owner. But at Rosarium, we all own a business. Every member of my team is an accountable, results-oriented professional because that’s the only way to be successful as an independent contractor.”

It’s easy to see elements of this business model in the post-pandemic world, but Quintal has embraced it in ways that are ahead of her time, and she’s made it her cornerstone.

“This brand-new company model is the future,” she said. “It provides people with a superior work/life balance. They have the flexibility to plan their own schedule. They can set their own rates. They can have multiple jobs at once too. But most importantly, it’s raised the quality of work for a niche market that is very much on the rise.”

In February 2023, Quintal will be celebrating her third year in business. She was recently profiled in Tampa Bay’s Women to KNOW Magazine. She’s also been featured in or contributed content to several other pieces, which can be found on the Rosarium news page. Those accomplishments and milestones, as well as her ever-increasing nationwide client roster, seem to indicate Quintal is a powerhouse in delivering on Rosarium’s core value proposition — helping businesses grow.

“It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m only getting started. I’m talking with new clients and contractors every day. There’s so much more to be excited about on the horizon.”

Originally from Massachusetts, Quintal now resides in Tampa. In addition to her background as a growth-driven marketing consultant, Quintal has a master’s degree in education, which she leverages to give back to her community. When not at a networking get-together, board meeting, or volunteering event, Quintal enjoys staying active outdoors with her husband and their two huskies.


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