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Alison Amick Brett is the founder of not one but two photography businesses in Tampa Bay: Alison Amick Photography, launched in 2012 to break into a market of families and children, and more recently, Little Llamas Portraits, which launched in 2020, providing candid, stress-free children’s photography.  For the past 10 years, Alison has enjoyed the beautiful chaos of balancing her successful career as a professional photographer and her family life. She is a third-generation St. Petersburg native and still resides in her favorite Florida town with her husband and two children.

Alison Amick Brett

Alison Brett first practiced her Little Llamas style of photography on her own children and their friends using a white crib sheet as the backdrop. When she saw the energy that came from kids enjoying their friends, she realized just how important it was to have real pictures of her own children- just as they are. Now, Alison’s success with Little Llamas Portraits has taken off, even after being forced to shut its doors due to COVID in 2020 quickly. 

The company successfully re-launched in 2022 in St. Petersburg and is already expanding into Tampa with bookings for 1 on 1 portrait sessions and her favorite: portrait parties! Her goal for launching Little Llamas is to offer precious personality portraits to other parents because having those images forever, to remember everything about her children—their messy hair, crazy clothes, cute scowls—is an experience she wants every family to have.

Alison Amick Brett

Before being a full-time photographer and mom BOSS, Alison’s first passion was the ocean. She studied Zoology and Anthropology at the University of Florida and got her first job as a Fisheries Biologist at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. She met her husband (Jon), who is also passionate about the ocean, and they connected over their love for boating and water. Alison discovered she was also passionate about photography when she was sent on a mission to photograph spawning fish, and her love for the ocean quickly translated into a passion for photographing families on the beach. She first started Alison Amick Photography in 2012 and became one of St. Pete’s premier family beach photographers. When she started her family, her photography career allowed her the flexibility of being a mom and an entrepreneur. 

Alison thrives on being a mom and hosting impromptu dance sessions or mad science experiments with her kids, Austin(3) and Riley(5). Both of her companies are designed to let families be themselves on camera, whether that means shouting at the top of their lungs, running and chasing each other, or just taking some time to warm up to get the truly authentic photos they want to capture. 

Alison Amick Brett

Alison’s favorite days at work are when she hosts playdates for other parents, and photography becomes the activity! The parents plan the date, invite as many friends as they want, and Little Llamas Portraits brings the party by capturing the moments as the children enjoy their friends.  The outcome: the children feed off each other’s energy, and their confidence explodes on camera. 

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