Amanda Guerra – Sweet Clementine: Beautiful on the Outside, Delicious on the Inside

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Amanda Guerra grew up living in Spain, helping her mother decorate cakes for her sibling’s birthday and other special occasions. When they moved to the United States, they decided to start a business out of their kitchen to help others enjoy their delicious and artistic cakes. This mother-daughter duo is the perfect pair of entrepreneurs.

Amanda Guerra, and her mother, Clemen, started their business out of their home kitchen. They are the owners of Sweet Clementine LLC and make beautiful and artistic cakes that also taste great! Guerra shared her story with us and said, “My mom, Clemen, [has] always been interested in [the] arts. She was focused for a long time on painting until she had my siblings and [me], and she discovered that she could bring art into the cakes [she] made for us. Many years later, she started working in a bakery as the head director of the artistic design [of] cakes in Spain. [Later] in 2015, my family and I decided to move to the US, and that’s when I started [working] in the business. From something very casual [like] helping her around to establish[ing] Sweet Clementine LLC in 2021. We focus on high-end custom and wedding cakes where [they are] not only [beautiful] and artistic, but there’s [also a] delightful taste [on] the inside. Sweet Clementine is bringing innovative designs to the Tampa Bay Area to serve the littlest one at home, a newlywed couple, someone celebrating a birthday, or a “just because” cake.”

For Guerra, her mother has always been a huge inspiration and the reason why she became involved in the baking industry. She said, “Her resilience and dedication showed me the power of her love for this business [which is what] made me join her [on] this incredible journey.” As most of our readers likely remember, Hurricane Ian had some devastating effects on much of the southwest coast of Florida, which also caused some struggles for Sweet Clementine LLC. “This might sound cliché, but after this hurricane, we felt so [loved] and appreciated. We are creating a beautiful community that offered us their [homes] and [helped] when we had no power. Nothing can compare to this feeling. Clients trust us, like, and support our business.” 

One of the biggest challenges Guerra has faced since starting a business has been “without [a] doubt, the stress that comes from being a small business. We are starting to be known in this area, and with that comes so many risks taken [from] a financial standpoint, as well as knowing the taste of the people that will become our future clients.” Similarly, she’s struggled with managing the finances of her small business. “As an [inexperienced entrepreneur working] in financials, I started this business without any financial structure. Now we are working with great people to fix all those mistakes.” But with that, she’s also learned some significant lessons so far, “to be patient. We are good [at] what we do, and every business works differently. [We] focus [on] what we want to become, and work harder [to get there].” She added, “trust your product and yourself. Be around people that support and lift you.”
Looking to the future for Sweet Clementine LLC, Guerra shared, “I would like to say I have a perfect picture of where I see myself in the future, but that’s not true. I am in a moment [in] my life that is constantly changing. I actually love it, so I just want to enjoy the present. I don’t [wnat to] feel stressed [about being] someone that might change in a couple [of] years.” Guerra would also like to give a special thank you “to my mom because she has so much patience with me and teaches me every [day] even though I don’t tell her. Also, to my husband, who accepted this crazy dream inside our home and has supported us since the first day. Thank you, guys!”


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