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Amel Kilic - News Bosses Interview


Amel Kilic started with an idea and a dream, never thinking his company would reach the top. But, after years of hard work and dedication, his company was voted the top revenue-focused marketing company in Florida and is one of the top nationally. With a passion for continuing to help other businesses accomplish their goals and break through plateaus, Kilic refuses to be bought out and sees himself helping even more people “live a life with no limitations.”

Amel Kilic, the founder of GenTech Marketing, is a proud publisher and owner of three local companies in the Tampa Bay area. He primarily focuses on digital marketing, health insurance, and solar energy and helps businesses increase their revenue through social and search-paid advertising. The spark that began it all was when Kilic realized the frustration business owners face when breaking their revenue plateau. Luckily, Kilic has found the solution to the problems and notes that the “biggest reason people work with me is that they’re looking to increase their revenue.” 

Amel Kilic has been fortunate enough to succeed with his idea for GenTech Marketing, but finding clients and building positive relationships wasn’t always easy. Every business has to start somewhere. Kilic mentions that the biggest challenge he faced was the idea that “marketing companies evoke a negative feeling for business owners since so many have been burnt by solopreneurs overpromising results to their clients.” In other words, there was a lack of trust from the get-go. Knowing this, Kilic says, “the most important lesson I learned as a business owner is having clear expectations. The only reason that marketing campaigns don’t succeed is because of unclear expectations. [Therefore,] it is very important to break down what the business owner can expect [at] every stage of the marketing campaign process.” For these reasons, Kilic knew he was going to have to take a different approach to secure clients and establishing trust by “hiring the solopreneurs and acquiring other marketing companies in order to decrease the [number] of marketing companies and increase the likelihood of a good experience for business owners.” GenTech Marketing adopted this new business model in 2021, which has proven to be very successful. 

Once GenTech Marketing had established reputable clients and built a name for itself in Florida, Kilic figured it was time to take his business to the next level. His biggest mistake when beginning his career was “thinking too small;” he was confined to the idea that taking on more significant ventures would be time-consuming and challenging while continuing to grow his business in Tampa Bay. “When I founded GenTech Marketing, I thought it would be a local company helping local business owners. But, after adding a business partner, we started thinking nationally. If we never took this step, we wouldn’t have been able to help companies all around the US increase their revenue and change their lives.”

When looking back on his mistakes and lessons learned, Kilic had a few words to share. “Being a business owner is an impossible mission. Every business will fail sooner or later. Some fail within two days, while others fail after 200 years. You have to develop a strong team that is able to continue [to] innovate and adapt to every market shift. This is why it’s important to enjoy the journey because there is no final destination as a business owner.” He continues by saying, “many people feel like they have to play with the cards that they were dealt. Why shouldn’t we take the full deck? There is a lot more to life than staying within our “lane.” If I could change one thing in this world, it would be our limiting beliefs.” 
Adopting a positive mindset and knowing that there are so many possibilities for his business is something that Kilic is proud to share now. “My inspiration is that we only have this one opportunity in this world to do everything that we want,” and he won’t stop until he’s done it all! He plans on continuing his work and “helping even more people live a life with no limitations.”


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