Empowering Dreams: Charity Golden and The Lipstick Network

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In the realm of entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact, Charity Golden radiates an uncommon brilliance. Her life’s trajectory is a tale of triumph – a testament to her resilience and unwavering dedication to women’s empowerment. This riveting narrative of her journey, the inception of The Lipstick Network, and her persistent drive to construct a global community where every woman has a place, provides rich fodder for inspiration and insight.

Birth of an Idea: A Purpose Rooted in Personal History

From the embers of her personal history emerged Charity’s entrepreneurial spirit, initially kindled by her hardworking mother. She recollects, “My mother, ever entrepreneurial, worked tirelessly, seven days a week, as a single mother. I often wish she had the confidence to actualize her dreams and talents despite her limited formal education.” This poignant reality catalyzed Charity’s passion for fostering an environment where women can dream big and realize their potential, unhampered by societal constraints or personal circumstances.

During her tenure with the Peace Corps in Bulgaria, Charity encountered the heartrending struggles of Roma women. These women, despite confronting heightened societal prejudices and tensions, harbored aspirations for a better life for their families. One particular interaction with a Roma woman named Abibe, who yearned to start her own business to provide for her child, struck a deep chord in Charity, sowing the seeds for The Lipstick Network. Her dreams found further nourishment during her studies at Columbia University’s Barnard College, culminating in her pursuit of an MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management to better tool and empower her community.

Nurturing The Lipstick Network

In the process of manifesting her vision, Charity gleaned valuable insights. Foremost among these is her conviction that it is never too late to chase dreams and breathe life into them. She underscores that the pursuit of perfection should not obscure the essence of the journey, and by including others, one can only fortify shared objectives.

Looking inward, Charity acknowledges that her past self-criticism and susceptibility to the sway of others’ perceptions formed her significant missteps. She is now actively rectifying these by establishing boundaries, nurturing self-appreciation, and focusing on the inherent goodness within herself.

Charity champions the necessity of addressing and resolving conflict among women, fostering a culture of open communication. “We have to learn to say, ‘Hey, I appreciate this, but it hurt my feelings,’ or ‘I think this needs to change.’ When women communicate this feedback, they should not be castigated,” she says emphatically. She hopes to shatter the stereotype of women as each other’s competitors and create a space where everyone feels free to express themselves.

The Lipstick Network: A Unique Proposition

When asked about the uniqueness of The Lipstick Network, Charity eloquently expounds on the concept of alignment – a triadic harmony of professional, personal, and practical support, a symphony of heart, head, and hands. The Network is not an exclusive club for women at executive levels or entrepreneurs; instead, it welcomes all women – mothers, retirees, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives, to a supportive environment where every facet of their identities is celebrated.

A Journey of Learning and Growth

Charity’s entrepreneurial journey has been a rich learning experience. Her advice to budding entrepreneurs resonates with simplicity and profundity: “Be authentic.” She believes in constructing a business that mirrors personal values and passions. “Find that thing that will bring life and pour abundance into you and others.”

Looking towards the future, she envisions a world where women communicate directly, sans fear of judgment, and collaborate to find solutions. By changing these societal norms, she hopes to transform the narrative around women’s interaction and conflicts.

The Future and Beyond

When quizzed about her future, her eyes light up with determination. “I see myself as the mother of two strong, independent, capable, resilient, curious, loving, empowered women, and the founder of a global network that connects diverse women, uniting them under a shared legacy,” she shares. Her vision for The Lipstick Network is expansive, yet deeply rooted in creating a sisterhood of “curious and kind” women who aspire to foster positivity and prosperity.

What motivates Charity? “Other women,” she says simply. “Women who try, fail, dust themselves off, and try again.” She’s inspired by the resilience of women and the remarkable potential that blossoms when they unite.

For Charity, being a leader means harmonizing strength with grace and assertiveness with empathy. It’s about listening, learning, devising the best course of action for her team, advocating for justice, and speaking truth to power. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to her mother and Nan; her two daughters; mentors Abigail Doan and Sheryl Hunter; Nadia Kaminskaya, and every woman open to building a global legacy of empowerment together.  Charity knows that when women band together, filling in each other’s gaps, families, workplaces, communities, and the world will change for the better.

Charity Golden’s narrative is a vibrant tapestry of dreams, resilience, and community solidarity. Her journey is a beacon for all aspiring entrepreneurs and a guidepost for those seeking to make a lasting, positive impact in their communities.


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