Empowering through Custom Clothing: A Story of Holly Whyte’s Rise as an Image Consultant for Tom James

holly whyte


Holly Whyte, an image consultant, offers insight into her experience working for Tom James, a custom clothing company for men and women. With an interest in sales and fashion, she came across an opportunity to combine the two. While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in business management and professional sales, she went to a career fair where she met with ambassadors for Tom James and decided this was the path she wanted to take.

As an image consultant, Whyte says, “The big goal of what we provide, from a value standpoint, is to save people time and help them look their best and feel their best.” Consultants meet people in their homes and offices to discuss their image – their daily activities, what styles are appropriate for their environment, and what they want to achieve with their looks. Whyte works with people from all industries and focuses on the importance of building a strong connection with clients.

“I surrounded myself with people I wanted to be like, and therefore I became that person. Surround yourself with people who are doing better at any career than you are because then you’ll rise to their level,” Whyte said. Becoming an image consultant after college, she found that people her age lacked confidence, as it is a transitional period from the collegiate world to a professional business. She takes pride in “owning it.” She does not wait for someone to tell her what to do and encourages others to go out and get what they want. By surrounding herself with confident intelligent people, she was able to connect with them to engrain that confidence in herself, which is what makes her so passionate about her job.

Tom James is the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of custom clothing, but they understand the importance of growth and change. Although they usually rely on word-of-mouth marketing (clients telling their friends about the services they received), expect to see more about Tom James in the advertising space to help with business growth. They are in the process of revamping their women’s apparel as they realized there is a gap in the market. Women come in different shapes and sizes, but Whyte noted that often the fit is terrible off the rack.

Holly Whyte’s tenure as an image consultant at Tom James exemplifies the significance of fostering strong relationships with clients, embracing ownership of one’s career, and advocating for continual growth and evolution. By immersing herself in the company of astute and self-assured individuals, Whyte was able to assimilate and instill such qualities in herself, propelling her to pursue her profession with profound ardor.

As Tom James endeavors to invigorate its women’s clothing line and amplify its advertising initiatives, its commitment to delivering unparalleled service to its clientele is palpable. For those seeking to refine their
sartorial image and augment their self-assurance, availing oneself of an image consultant’s services, such as Holly Whyte’s, is a transformative decision.


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