Mixing Colors: Hospitality Entrepreneur & Professional Painter

Matt Boden


What happens when you mix hospitality with the paint industry? After 20+ years as a dedicated professional in the restaurant industry, Matt Boden was ready to apply his customer service expertise towards his other passion — painting.

2022 marked a transformative year for Matt when he left the hospitality industry and jumped head first to open his franchise, Fresh Coat Painters of Tampa, a professional painting company. His team takes a white-glove approach to service, applying his decades of experience as a successful restaurant owner and manager to create a similar customer-centric atmosphere for each painting client. Matt’s unique approach and entrepreneurial spirit quickly solidified his team’s status as a market leader for residential and commercial painting projects throughout Tampa Bay.

His secret is simple: respect and humility are his founding principles. His leadership style empowers each team member to treat every job as if it were their own home or business, resulting in carefully finished projects. Matt says, “It will always be part of our company culture to take care of our clients, take care of our employees, and take care of our communities.” And that’s exactly what Fresh Coat Painters of Tampa does

For Matt, project management is a form of art. He created a bespoke process that ensures projects of any size and complexity are handled efficiently. His team visits clients’ homes or businesses to discuss and itemize project expectations. The process concludes with a final walkthrough where they ensure that the finishing touches align with the clients’ vision. Any and all discrepancies are reconciled right on the spot.

Just like with a good paint job, there’s always more than meets the eye. Matt is a cancer survivor and uses his second chance at life to give back to families in need. Through the company’s non-profit platform, Fresh Coat Cares, Matt donates painting and renovation services to those facing steep healthcare bills, homes for displaced children, disabled veterans, and more. These projects ease their financial strain while making their living space brighter, fresher, and more positive.

Connecting with the community is important to Matt’s identity as a family man and entrepreneur. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, immersing themselves in their new home of Tampa. Whether its cheering on the Tampa Bay Rays, catching movies, or taking advantage of the nearby beach, Matt’s energy extends from his home life into his business ventures. In fact, it was his family that inspired him to turn painting from a hobby into something more. “I wanted to start spending more time with my family, and I wanted to be able to watch my kids grow up,” says Boden.
Just one year from starting his painting journey, Matt proves that it’s never too late to change your path and pursue your passion, and there’s always room to help others along the way. Learn more about Matt Boden by visiting his LinkedIn and his Fresh Coat Painters page.


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