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Octoryia Robinson


Octoryia Robinson, Founder, and CEO of Dream That Big Publishing (DTBP), serves as a success coach, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and nurturer of dreams. She is the author of Unraveled Potential and the host of the podcast 7-Figure Authorpreneur.

“My personal journey taught me resilience the hard way. I kept looking failure in the face and still saw hope for success, so I kept giving it all that I had, no matter what. It is this resilience that led me to the next step in my journey,” says Octoryia. “I quickly realized that my mission was far greater than just publishing my own book. I saw a need for a community that could uplift and empower aspiring authors who were afraid to pursue their dreams.” Now, Octoryia is fully committed to helping other people realize their potential by using her talents as an inspirational leader, advisor, and coach at DTBP. And, her clients can feel the difference. “I know for a fact that my book would not be as powerful if it wasn’t for the amazing collaboration, coaching, resources, and guidance that Octoryia provided. She believes in her authors, their ideas, and their potential and helps them overcome self-limiting doubts and internal struggles. She cares about your project, but even more so about you as a person,” says JH, a DTBP author.

Octoryia Robinson

After spending the last nine months implementing, testing, and optimizing their processes and systems, as well as gathering feedback from their amazing clientele, researching the best practices in the literary industry, and honing its focus on supporting female nonfiction writers, DTBP is unveiling their new and improved offerings starting April 17, 2023. Going forward, the company is fully poised to support authors from start to market with their nurturing systems. As one of the few self-publishing companies to collect no royalties from its authors, this relaunch marks their commitment to better serve the population of future female authors and Authorpreneurs.

Octoryia and DTBP love serving authors who are starting up or starting over because in life as well as in business, people need a support system. “It is one thing to have goals, but it’s another thing to be encouraged, motivated, held accountable, and know that you are being prayed for all through the process,” says KL, another DTBP author.

Octoryia has made it her personal mission to provide aspiring authors with the support and guidance they need to achieve their dreams. “I personally know how our fears and limited beliefs can get in the way of accomplishing our dreams in life,” says Octoryia. “I wanted to create a place for people just like me to discover the courage to accomplish what feels impossible.”

Octoryia’s passion for helping people see their own potential stems from her past. Octoryia 1.0 had a traumatic upbringing that included teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, losing custody of her children, being a victim of domestic violence, and felony probation for 2.5 years. However, Octoryia 2.0 was able to break free from the negative spiral and started trusting and seeing the value in herself.

Octoryia Robinson

“My life has been riddled with trauma. For a long time, I questioned if anything good could come of my life after so much pain, loss, shame, and regret. The revelation that success doesn’t need perfection changed my life completely. I started to take responsibility for my future by redefining what I desired in life and taking steps to achieve it,” says Octoryia.

With over sixteen combined years of business management/analysis and executive leadership experience, as well as a Six Sigma Green Belt certification in process improvement, Octoryia 2.0 is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker. She holds an associate degree in Business Administration, a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and a master’s degree in Christian Leadership. She is a licensed and ordained minister, along with holding several business, training, and coaching certificates.

The mother of five amazing children and grandmother to one grandson, Octoryia’s life is fueled, both personally and professionally, by her relationship with God. Octoryia’s superpower is her ability to assist in launching people from their “now” to their “next”. And when that “next” is helping a client transform from a timid writer to a confident authorpreneur, Octoryia feels certain that she is fulfilling her purpose.

Learn more about Octoryia and Dream That Big Publishing by visiting www.dreamthatbigpublishing.com.


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