Paola Rodriquez – Leaving Behind the Corporate Life

paola rodriguez


Paola Rodriguez is the owner & CEO of Rodriguez Health Group, which specializes in helping self-employed people and small business owners get out of debt and build wealth. She and her team are committed to their client’s financial success and protect them through adequate and affordable health and life insurance.

The mission of this business is to help families build a legacy of financial freedom and fulfillment through education and protection. As of right now, her wealth group is serving about 400 people and is able to do this through a very sophisticated software program that minimizes the amount of interest paid while connecting to their clients through different resources and partners.

Paula Rodriguez started her career back in 2019, working under a captive health insurance agency. She shortly realized there was a huge need to provide self-employed families and small business owners with support in the insurance industry that would benefit their families and employees. Rodriguez says the most effective strategy for growing her business has been taking care of people without caring about the commission. She said, “Being transparent and taking the time to educate our clients has built a tremendous amount of trust that has led it to continuous referral business. We also created partnerships with other trusted insurance and financial services that refer their clients to us.” It is important to gain the trust of clients for repeat business.

paola rodriguez

Rodriguez talks about how entering and working in the financial services and insurance industry has been one of the most challenging things she’s ever done. “Creating any business is no easy task”, she states. She talks about how going independent was very difficult, and she tried to partner with others to make things easier; however, she realized she could do it on her own. In order to gain as much information as she possibly could, she read books, took on mentors, and attended countless webinars and training to prepare herself with the knowledge and confidence that helped her grow her business to where it is today.

One of the biggest risks she’s ever taken is leaving her corporate job to start her own business. She explains, “This can always be risky because you never know how your business will succeed; however, pursuing what you love and are passionate about is always worth it.” She continues to talk about how she wished she knew that she needed to speak to more people and network. Networking goes a very long way and can help in the future with any business. The company‘s vision for the future includes building a community of financially free clients and partners that work together to make the world a better place.

Rodriguez is very thankful for many people in her life, including Tom Mahoney, Bob Noriega, Erika Montanez, Ruben Cruz, and Shannon Grainger. Rodriguez says she continues to be in the finance and insurance industry because insurance and proper financial planning are essential to ensure future financial success, which is very confusing to most people. Her goal is to help people stop focusing on money and focus on what is most important, family and making the most out of life.


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