Pete Blum: Changing the Lives of Individuals with an Innovative Approach to Business

pete blum


As a serial entrepreneur, Pete Blum knows what it takes to succeed in the business world. His passion lies in helping others achieve their highest potential, whether that means helping individuals achieve greater professional success or assisting businesses in realizing their full growth potential. Blum constantly pushes boundaries and shatters expectations with an unwavering focus on maximizing each individual’s capacities. His skill and determination have made him a true force to be reckoned with in the business world, and his legacy is sure to be one of enduring success.

Pete Blum is truly transforming the lives of businesses and individuals looking to achieve success as the Chief Operating Officer and President of Phoenix Portfolio Partners (PPP). 

PPP is an Agile Venture Fund & Start-up Incubator in its own lane. They are infused with six facets: HealthTech, Mobile CRM, Digital Branding, SME Media, Artistic Empowerment, Altruistic Apparel, New Venture Consulting, and Career Coaching.

Blum, who is one of the minds behind this project, describes PPP as an innovation that has you “covered from top to bottom with what you need to elevate and accelerate your business.”

His natural entrepreneurial spirit and mentor, Ben Sever, the CEO of PPP, helped fuel his drive to succeed in the business world. 

“Working with serial entrepreneur Ben Sever, I learned that I already had everything in me that I needed to forge the future that I wanted,” says Blum. “It takes lots of grit and determination, incredible perseverance and self-control, and the mental capacity to juggle people, processes, and the needs of the customer and community.” 

And even with all the success, he doesn’t lose sight of his mission which is to make a global impact. 

“Most importantly, what appeals to me is that as an entrepreneur, I can follow my passion to do good and help others by making that a part of the mission of every company I’m involved in,” says Blum.  

What is truly unique about his business is the addition of artistic empowerment: an entity that was the most unexpected but was brought up by CEO Ben Sever, who had the vision to incorporate art into the portfolio. 

“As I’m a huge advocate for mental health and a certified mental health life coach, I can appreciate how our art accelerator can bring beautiful pieces of art that inspire others,” says Blum. “It’s also therapeutic for employees and interesting to customers, so it’s a great addition for any business to display and gain positive results.”

Although he has gained a solid foundation with all of his businesses, he said there are often misconceptions about being a successful business owner. 

“You’re not going to make it unless you have balance,” says Blum. “Yes, you have to work hard, extra hours, etc. But you have to take care of your physical health, mental health, and your family. I think the best thing to accomplish this balance is Personal Agility.”


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