Salandy Tammioka – How this Entrepreneur is Leading the Way for Women of Color in the Business and Technology Industry

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As a small business owner, I always found the process of hiring people a daunting task. Salandy Tammioka, who “loves finding the solution to problems,” created a platform for both job seekers and employers. 

CEO and founder of “See Me Hire Me,” Salandy Tammioka,  is a serial entrepreneur and a natural-born problem solver who always wanted to find a better way to hire. Today she founded “the only platform you’ll need to build your resume and get hired.”

“I found that the traditional hiring platforms were limited, so I created a platform that would enhance the experience for both [the] job seeker and those looking to hire,” says Tammioka. “Job seekers get a chance to highlight not only their resumes but also their personalities, creativity, and their communications skills. Employers have an opportunity for better hiring, and finally, they can assess soft skills on an HR platform.” 

As any entrepreneur knows, building and maintaining a successful business requires a lot of work and dedication. Whether you are just starting out or making the shift to the next level, there are always challenges you need to overcome to succeed.

The biggest challenge for Tammioka was ”trying to build the business with limited resources to get it to the next level. We are tackling this by building & motivating our team to help execute the vision.” 

And while her journey as an entrepreneur may not have been easy, she learned a lot. 

“The most important thing that I’ve learned over my journey is that it’s important to be flexible and adaptable to pivot when necessary,” says Tammioka.

Though entrepreneurship in itself is a challenge – being a woman of color in business and technology presents even more obstacles for Tammioka.

“As a woman of color in business & technology, I am constantly underestimated. “ I don’t always get the same opportunities as my counterparts, but I make it work.” 

Being a woman of color in the industry is no easy feat, but she found a way for other women who look like her to follow in her footsteps. 

“As an entrepreneur, I think we should support other entrepreneurs’ dreams and visions. Sometimes I find the harsh nature of tv shows geared toward entrepreneurs can be deflating. I understand that not every business is viable, but I think we should build each other up in a positive way. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of faith and grit, but the rewards can be endless.

And because she is so fond of supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, in the future, she “would love the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

What continues to inspire Tammioka in her career and her life is truly profound.

“Life is precious, and we get to create the life that we want. We should always honor our journey; true joy comes from helping other people,” says Tammioka.

Tammioka, who is grateful for all that she accomplished, would like to thank her dad, who taught her some valuable lessons a long time ago that she didn’t understand or appreciate back then – “Anything is possible.” 


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