Silvia Ramos: Memorable, Creative, and Artistic

Silvia Ramos


Silvia Ramos is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the arts and creating memorable events. She is the Co-founder and executive of various companies. While working in corporate America, she managed, organized, and excelled in business for other companies before becoming self-employed. 

Through strategic planning and a good work ethic, she attains clients and sponsors that are some of the world’s most successful companies. Over 15 years of working with brands like BMW, Toyota, Bang Energy Drinks, and famous high fashion brands worldwide. Even though she had years of experience working with big-name companies, it was never about the money for her; it was about making people happy and being able to give them memorable experiences. 

She describes her events as a space that pushes you out of your comfort zone, something that encourages you to be curious. Her company, Epic Events, specializes in several multimedia services, such as video production and photoshoots. Her goal is to bring diverse groups of people together to enjoy life. She loves creating memorable experiences for people as they can look back and feel happy at the time they spent at any of her events. 

Silvia has been working and volunteering with charitable organizations for over 10 years. She has been featured on ABC TV, CBS, and radio, and in articles that feature her as a businesswoman in the entertainment world.

Despite the success of her events, she did face some challenges along the way; as she said, marketing was one of the bigger challenges, but she expressed that no matter what, one should be determined to face these hurdles as it is normal to have to pivot during any business venture. 

In the future, Silvia hopes to be a leader in promoting arts and fashion in Tampa and to be able to continue creating incredible experiences for her clients. 


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