Tommy Whitehead: Renown Contractor. LGBT+ Advocate. Proud Family Man.

Tommy Whitehead


One of Tampa’s premier contractors isn’t just installing doors. He’s opening them too. Tommy Whitehead — President and Founder of TomCo Solutions — is one of the first 50 LGBT-certified LGBTQ+ Business Enterprises (LGBTBE) in construction. To him, it’s a great way to represent Tampa’s diverse and booming entrepreneurial spirit while also creating more inclusive opportunities. And it’s only the beginning.

In mid-2023, Tommy launched the Pride Construction Coalition (PCC) — to unite and empower LGBTQ+ Construction Professionals by creating networking opportunities, promoting economic growth, and standing strong for the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“We’re just another group of community people who sometimes don’t feel comfortable telling the client about our family,” Tommy said. “Do I mention my husband when they’re talking about their husband? Do we mention our kids when they have kids?”

This is the reality that many construction workers and business owners deal with every day. Will I lose a client, or lose my job, if I talk openly about who I am? Tommy has made it his mission to make those worries a thing of the past.

Through extensive networking, advocacy, and grassroots efforts, the PCC is changing the longstanding perception of construction workers to include any hardworking, skilled individual — regardless of background or sexual orientation. And it’s not just about the construction sector. Tommy is redefining what it means to be an LGBTQ+ business owner.

Leading the way in the renovation and restoration industry, TomCo holds an esteemed reputation in Florida. They’ve completed more than 3,000 jobs, delivering top-tier renovations, repairs, and disaster restoration services that help clients through the insurance claim process.

Tommy Whitehead

Tommy is also a coveted public speaker and an influential philanthropist. He’s involved in many organizations, including the Tampa Bay Bears, the Tampa Club, BNI, and Bay Area Bridge Builders, among others. And he’s been invited to speak at events like the Florida Out Coast Convention (FLOCC) 2023 and on podcasts like Property Pros and the Search Bar.

Tommy’s passion for community involvement and drive for growth have earned him accolades like the Tampa Club’s 40 Under 40 and 2023 Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Philanthropist of the Year. And being an expert in such a broad range of topics, from charity to construction, has made his expertise highly valued to businesses in all industries.

Perhaps most importantly, Tommy considers himself to be, first and foremost, a family man. He says spending time with his husband and son is his greatest joy, and he always makes time for them — no matter how busy he is with his professional and community schedule.

That’s because Tommy sees himself and his husband as just another married couple trying to do their part in the community while raising a good family. And he knows he’s not alone, which is a big reason why he sees his advocacy work through the PCC and other worthy organizations as so important.

“We’re just members of the community. We’re dads, moms, and grandparents, just like everybody else,” Tommy said. “I hope in a year or two it’s like, ‘you’re gay, you’re not gay, we don’t care. Are you going to do a good job? Are you licensed?’ That would be awesome. Right now, that’s not where we’re at.”

But Tommy is a man with vision and heart. And he’s committed to continuing his work — building bridges and making the world a better place.

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