Kitchenery Inc. Partners with Sea It and Bluewater 4×4 to Revolutionize Marine Industry Innovation

Tampa, Florida

In a strategic move towards transforming boat galleys, Kitchenery Inc. proudly announces its collaboration with Sea It and Bluewater 4×4, marking a significant milestone in marine industry innovation. This partnership aims to introduce cutting-edge technologies that enhance the boat enthusiasts’ experience, bringing together the prowess of Kitchenery’s cordless cooking appliances, Sea It’s advanced visualization tools, and Bluewater 4×4’s groundbreaking amphibious technology.

The collaboration is set to unveil a ground-breaking 3D visualization system, showcasing the latest marine industry appliances and redefining the future of the industry. While initially presented at IBEX, North America’s prominent technical trade event for marine industry professionals, Kitchenery, Sea It, and Bluewater 4×4 have decided to make this announcement independently, emphasizing the importance of their joint endeavor.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Innovative 3D Visualization Technology: Sea It will debut its generation 2.0 visualization technology, empowering adventurers with the tools to turn their boat dreams into hyper-realistic 3D models. This transformative experience is backed by impressive statistics, including a 590% increase in engagement time, a 67% heightened likelihood to purchase, and a 33% boost in perceived product value.
  2. Efficient and Versatile Boats with Bluewater 4×4: Bluewater 4×4 integrates advanced technologies into boats, providing boat builders with a wheel system that offers unparalleled versatility on and off the water. This innovative approach expands docking and storage choices, enabling exploration in previously inaccessible areas and eliminating the need for marina slips, trailers, or expensive infrastructure.
  3. Cordless Cooking Appliances by Kitchenery: Attendees can explore Kitchenery’s revolutionary products, including the Quantum Energy Pad and a suite of cordless appliances designed for marine galleys. These appliances are meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of the marine industry, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance on watercraft.

Bryan Moseley, Owner & Founder at Sea It, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

“Our technology will champion the spirit of creators, handing them the reins to build, refine, and breathe life into any product and mirror their innermost desires and dreams. Partnering with other ground-breaking companies in the marine space to deliver innovative new products is what we love. Both Kitchenery and Bluewater 4×4 are disruptors in a space that has been asking for disruption. We are proud to be working in partnership with them both.”

About Kitchenery Inc.

Kitchenery Inc. is a pioneer in wireless power transfer technology, revolutionizing how boat enthusiasts engage with their boat galleys. Their modular & space-saving cordless cooking appliances provide an unprecedented cooking experience on the water. Learn more at:

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