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Rudy Mawer Launches “Living The Red Life” Podcast

Tampa, FL

Mr. Rudy Mawer, an international entrepreneur, premier celebrity marketer, Facebook TM ads expert, and CEO of Mawer Capital, launched a podcast called “Living The Red Life” on January 16. The podcast features an array of influential business guests and interviews, “billion-dollar ideas,” business guidance, and insights on how to successfully navigate life by cultivating relationships, strategizing investments, and utilizing marketing tactics that allow individuals to achieve their desired level of success. “Living the Red Life” intends to inspire people worldwide to create successful lives through alignment with their purpose while aiming for financial success without sacrificing core values or integrity.

“I believe that knowledge is power, and I want to empower listeners with strategies and insight backed by my experience and that of my podcast guests. The goal is to help listeners unlock the potential for achieving goals faster than ever before,” Mr. Rudy Mawer states.

Digital innovator Mr. Rudy Mawer has successfully created and optimized multi-million dollar businesses internationally. He recognized at an early age that many people fail to master the art of wealth creation due to their lack of knowledge or access to high-quality information. He has taken it upon himself to be that resource for others.

This podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including AppleTM Podcasts, SpotifyTM, and YoutubeTM, as both video and audio content.

About Mawer Capital

Mawer Capital is a premier online marketing company founded in 2020 by Mr. Rudy Mawer. Mawer Capital is headquartered in Clearwater, FL, and operates worldwide with 96 team members. Mr. Rudy Mawer is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and marketing expert. He’s built several 7- and 8-figure businesses, partnered with A-list celebrities like Kevin Harington, Grant Cardone, and Mike Tyson, and has spoken at multiple events worldwide. 

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About Living The Red Life

The “Living the Red Life” podcast is hosted by “The Man in Red” himself, Mr. Rudy Mawer, CEO of Mawer Capital, premier celebrity marketer, and Facebook TM Ads expert. The “Living The Red Life” podcast features influential guests and offers “billion-dollar ideas,” business insights, expert marketing advice, and more. Special guests include Grant Cardone, Dan Henry, Floyd Mayweather, Stormy Wellington, and more. 

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