The Psychology Of Being an Entrepreneur

Dr. Carlos Garcia


An Insight into the Emotional and Psychological Struggles of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is often viewed as a path to success and financial freedom, but the journey is not always as glamorous as it seems. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can take a significant toll on one’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. This is why Dr. Carlos Garcia, a clinical psychologist, decided to bring awareness to this issue and share his insights on the topic.

In 2018, while preparing a talk for business owners, Dr. Garcia stumbled upon an article on depression in entrepreneurs. This discovery challenged his perception of entrepreneurs as highly motivated and successful individuals who never struggle. He reflects on his experiences serving in the military and as a firefighter, where he learned that “sucking it up” is a short-term solution with long-term implications for one’s mental and emotional health. This led him to research the rates of depression and suicide in entrepreneurs and other high-achieving professionals, which were staggering.

Dr. Garcia started sharing his message with the business community, but initially, his message was not well received. People were skeptical and in denial about their struggles. However, as he continued to network and engage with business owners, he found that people were more willing to open up about their struggles in private. This led him to create a presentation, the Psychology of Being an Entrepreneur, which focuses on shifting one’s mindset and overcoming psychological barriers to success.

One of the key topics Dr. Garcia covers in his presentation is fear, which is a natural response to uncertainty. Fear is a common experience for entrepreneurs, especially when starting a new business or making bold decisions. But, according to Dr. Garcia, it’s not the fear itself that’s the problem, it’s how we respond to it. He encourages entrepreneurs to become familiar with their fears and understand the root causes of their fears, such as a childhood environment that discouraged taking risks.

Another topic that Dr. Garcia covers is the fear of success. This may seem counterintuitive, but many people are afraid of success because they don’t feel deserving of it or believe that success will bring more stress and unhappiness. Dr. Garcia explains that this fear stems from a belief system that is rooted in childhood experiences, where one was constantly told to do better or be better.

To overcome these psychological barriers, Dr. Garcia recommends seeking out counseling, coaching, or mentorship. He believes that the first step to change is acknowledging one’s blind spots and being open to learning about one’s mental and emotional patterns. By understanding these patterns, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions and create a more fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

In conclusion, the entrepreneurial path is filled with obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments, but it doesn’t have to be a path to depression and anxiety. By shifting one’s mindset and overcoming psychological barriers, entrepreneurs can create a journey that is inspiring, motivating, and full of vigor. As Dr. Garcia puts it, “Why not bring some curiosity to your mental and emotional patterns and set yourself free of the chains that bind you?”


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