Synapse Summit 2024 Presents: The Interplay of Art and Technology in the Digital Age

synapse summit 2024

When: Wednesday, February 28, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM ESTWhere: Synapse Stage 3, 4th Floor – Section 211, Synapse Summit 2024 In an era where technology and art increasingly intertwine, Synapse Summit 2024 brings together leading minds to explore the dynamic relationship between these two realms. The session, moderated by Nadia Kaminskaya, CEO of Branding […]

Innovation, Tech & Art… a Timeless Recipe!

A Fusion of Innovation, Technology, and Art: A Timeless Catalyst for Change Throughout history, ecosystems that have fostered innovation, embraced technology, and celebrated art have consistently been at the heart of societal transformation and human progress. From the grandeur of the Roman and Greek Empires to the intellectual awakening of the Renaissance, the symbiotic relationship […]

Synapse Summit 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Innovation

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The Synapse Summit 2024 stands as a monumental gathering for Florida’s innovation leaders, set to take place on February 28 at the Amalie Arena in Tampa. This annual event, celebrated for its mission to connect, catalyze, and illuminate the path to success for Florida’s tech and business communities, promises an array of enriching experiences for […]

Lauren Prager: Steering Synapse Florida into a New Era of Innovation

Lauren Prager - CEO of Synapse FL

The Ascent to Leadership Lauren Prager’s journey to becoming the CEO of Synapse Florida is a testament to her unwavering dedication to Florida’s tech and innovation ecosystem. Since her initial involvement as a volunteer in 2018, Prager’s strategic vision has significantly shaped the trajectory of Synapse, culminating in her leadership role, where she continues to […]

The Lipstick Network’s Global Summit: An Exploration of Vitality

Q2 Summit_Speaker Lineup

June 6th emerges as a grand celebration for The Lipstick Network, as it hosts its Q2 global summit. This eagerly anticipated event occurs every quarter, each carrying a unique theme. For Q2, the focus lies on ‘vitality,’ a term pulsating through every activity and interaction at the summit. Charity Golden, the founder, shares, “We’re asking, we’re declaring that we can lead, live, and love with vitality. We’re exploring what that means.”

Exiom- Molding the Future of Medical Technology

erik paul

We caught up with Erik Paul, Co-Founder of Exiom, at the Synapse Summit. Erik Paul is a devoted father who co-founded Exiom on the basis of providing better care for his children. When asked about his inspiration behind creating a company that 3D prints casts and splints, he commented: “They say necessity is the father […]