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Mandy Schulis is a certified Integrated Trauma-Informed Story Coach. “Coaching” is a bucket title, but Mandy’s niche coaching is filled with intuitive listening, seeing, and feeling the pain points in people’s lives.

 “I help women with a story shift. I show them that everyone is in charge of their own fairytale, and fairytales have bad and good situations—it would be a boring story if it didn’t,” says Mandy.

Becoming a Story Coach is, in fact, part of Mandy’s story shift. Her personal life experiences include domestic abuse, trauma from an addict ex, a disabled child, and constantly having to fend for herself. But she also had several successful business ventures. She founded her first massage therapy company, Necessary Elements, in 2008, at 24 years old. She worked with pro athletes in the NFL, WWE, and MLB. Within a few years, her first massage therapy business brought in over $100K per year. After a bit of a hiatus after some traumatic events in her personal life, she formed her 2nd massage therapy company, Necessary Elements of South Tampa, which followed the same trajectory, but hit 6 figures within the first year.

Unfortunately, nerve damage in her hand left her with a difficult choice to walk away from her flourishing business, leaving her to ponder, “What’s next?” Her story shift happened when she quieted her fears and listened to the universe for the answer. She began to see the patterns in her life that emerged from her experiences, especially the realization that many successful female entrepreneurs had stories like hers that they rarely talked about. In her mind, those stories were the missing piece between a successful business and a legacy. 

Massage therapy entered her life at an early age. “My mom has had fibromyalgia, RA, and issues with pain. I could help the pain by giving massages. I just find the human body fascinating, which is maybe why people said I had magic hands. I’ve always just known where the pain was and how to help the body,” says Mandy.

As a massage therapist, she could feel where in the body their trauma/pain settled and worked to relieve them of that physical pain, but she also made them feel safe by listening and holding space for them while they worked through their emotional pain. What Mandy realized when she looked back at her massage therapy years was that she was story coaching back then.

Even in her personal life, people were drawn to her for the same reasons. “I’ve always been someone people wanted to hash out problems with. I could look at the parts that maybe they weren’t seeing, which was no different from what I provided for my clients as a massage therapist. I saw that pattern in my life. I saw what I was good at and what people really came to me for—to help them with their story and mindset,” says Mandy. “I’ve been unpacking stories with clients for 20 years, just in different capacities.” Now, she has built a business around it.

“I look for the value I can bring to the table, and I can help women who are ready to claim their power, release shame, and dig into their amazing, complicated stories to find their purpose,” says Mandy. “I’m a staunch women’s rights advocate, domestic violence survivor, and serial entrepreneur. I know the value I can bring to the women who need my specialized coaching.”

Mandy combines 20 years of entrepreneurship with her MBA and certifications in coaching, trauma recovery, and holistic health to create Mandy Schulis Coaching. Mandy is a strong, direct, and empowered woman who wants to help women who are experiencing major life shifts. “Mandy is piercing. She has the ability to get to the heart of things quickly,” says Ingrid Turner.

Through mindset coaching, Mandy helps women understand themselves and how trauma has affected their lives and guides them toward a new way of life. She helps women get to the root cause of their fears and awaken to their fullest potential. “Mandy has an incredible gift for helping you unpack what is going on,” says Jennifer Day.

By showing women that they hold the power to choose how they define their experiences and trauma, Mandy’s story coaching allows them to envision a different ending. “Mandy has this magic about her that truly brings out the inner you,” says Kristina Rodriguez, KARR Solutions.

Through her business, marketing knowledge, and experience, Mandy also helps women embrace the idea that they are entrepreneurs, whether they are starting a business or running their household business. Mandy believes they need to find their “why” and embrace their authentic selves so that they can create a business that reflects their strengths and personalities.

“I want women to see themselves as cycle breakers. They can overcome whatever pain or trauma they’ve experienced and end the negative patterns they’ve been living with,” says Mandy. “Have faith. If you’re still breathing, your purpose isn’t fulfilled yet. And I’m here to help.”

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