Marcos Rivera – A Multi-faceted Entrepreneur & Serial Philanthropist

marcos rivera


Marcos Rivera is a man of many talents and a true visionary. While recognition, glory, and money are all nice, they pale in comparison to actually leaving a mark on our communities. We are all finite, but our legacy is not – and Marcos Rivera is determined to make his count.

Marcos Rivera is a Tampa-based entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes strongly in the power of innovation. As a serial all-rounder, he has worked in politics, government relations, local business support, and diving deep into the energy and sustainability industries. He is firmly convinced that being at the Vanguard of each industry you are involved in is essential for success.  And Tampa, he believes, is the perfect place to innovate and drive socio-economic change right now. This city is his playground – and he is passionate about making a positive difference here.  

Marcos is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise with a proven track record of success in various fields. He has consulted for clients in energy, sustainability, public relations, public affairs, government affairs, coffee, marketing, and social psychology. When asked about his inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur, Marcos said, “he loves the freedom to choose when and where he works, plays and lives.”

His successes have come from the various ways he has helped people and businesses recover and grow. It speaks volumes of his character that he’s always willing to help out in any way possible, whether it’s for senatorial or mayoral races or even for business establishments. He has also contributed a lot in providing aid and recovery to countries experiencing turmoil because of governmental issues or environmental disasters. All these things have been reasons why he has been so determined. Down the road, he sees himself educating high-level executives and organizations on engaging the masses across all industries and verticals.

The biggest challenge that he is facing right now is the existence of self-serving organizations and individuals who are misleading the entrepreneurial community with false promises and unrealistic information. This is why he says that education and research are so important.

Rivera soon learned the importance of vetting people thoroughly. He says never to assume everyone is out to help. Just because you are a person with a huge heart doesn’t mean everyone else is. As he puts it “Protek ya neck, like Wu-Tang Clan.”

Marcos Rivera & Family

When looking back on his mistakes and lessons learned, Marcos had a few words to share “I’ve made the mistake of relying on just one source of income. With the fluctuating economy, you must understand that not every industry will always be spiking.” He further emphasizes that Economies change, trends change, and so does interest in services and products. His solution is simple… Diversify! His one piece of advice for people who want aspire to become entrepreneurs is to associate themselves with a great accountant and advisors. As he puts it, “you may not be a crook, but if you make mistakes (even innocent ones), you will be treated as a crook.” He continues by saying, “Don’t associate with people that have tarnished backgrounds, questionable histories, and unreliable reputations.”

When asked about his inspiration, he said, “his children, the fact that they are watching me perform, watching me pave a path, I want the memories of me to be ones of perseverance. Money is important, but service to others is what FULLY satiates the soul’s thirst”.


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