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Nadia Kaminskaya, aka “Ms. Brand Boss,” is a serial entrepreneur in Tampa Bay focused on elevating the startup and creative scene in the Bay Area. She is the founder and CEO of Branding Bosses, Design Bosses, co-owner of Next Level Homes, and the newly launched News Bosses, an independent media source that is focused on showcasing hidden talent and startups that bring something unique to Tampa bay.

Nadia’s goal is to bring the creative and startup community of Tampa bay to collaborate and grow the ecosystem. For the launch of News Bosses, she put together her first annual Boss Gala, a one-of-a-kind immersive experience event focused on bringing a unique experience and a taste of Tampa.

In addition to the launch of News Bosses, she is celebrating the 3-year anniversary of her baby, Branding Bosses. Branding Bosses is a full-service branding and digital marketing agency located in Tampa, Florida. It specializes in helping businesses build strong brands that resonate with their target audiences. The business aims to provide strategy-based solutions to large-to-small enterprises.

When asked about her inspiration behind Branding Bosses, she said she got her inspiration at an early age. She said, “When I was 16 years old, I started my own tutoring service. When I saw that the business was growing, I wanted to find a branding company to help me get new clients. However, when I approached companies about potentially creating a website, most companies completely disregarded me because of my age and budget” Turns out, this inspired her to learn the ins and outs of marketing, and she created her own website for my business. And it was at that very moment she fell in love with Branding!

She believes that there are many Marketing and PR companies out there that don’t help entrepreneurs see results. A chronic issue in this field is scams, specifically because people don’t know what services they are paying for. What inspires her now to build something unique. Her love for Tampa ignites a passion for helping the community, and she seeks fulfillment by helping businesses that don’t have adequate resources.

She is very excited about her gala event, as it has been one crazy ride. She said that the most exciting thing about putting on an event like the Boss Gala is the immense support she has received from the Tampa Bay community!

Artists, creatives, and business owners really came together to create an epic event focused on the ecosystem! She further stated, “Something we didn’t expect is for it to become such a beast on its own – bringing out top talent and gaging national interest.” In the future, she definitely sees herself creating more events, growing her branding agency, and diving into fashion.

When asked about the biggest lesson she has learned, she stated, “to focus on the people, and the rest will follow.” Her advice to anyone who aspires to be a BOSS is, “Don’t be afraid to start! There will always be fear.”

She continues by saying, “For example, I never hosted or planned an event as big as the gala – but here we are! I just decided that I’m done talking about it, and I started planning – it’s as easy as that. Get over your fear and do it.”

She would like to thank all the sponsors, vendors, artists, and creatives that helped put Boss Gala together. Our operations director, Varsha Issrani, has been instrumental in keeping everything running smoothly. Also, Marcos Rivera, the founder of Hyper Tampa, has not only been a supporter but an advocate helping us grow our reach through engaging with the community. I would also like to thank Tyler in Tampa, who helped curate and coordinates our amazing artists, The Ani-Me’, for coordinating the performers.


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