Exiom- Molding the Future of Medical Technology

erik paul

We caught up with Erik Paul, Co-Founder of Exiom, at the Synapse Summit. Erik Paul is a devoted father who co-founded Exiom on the basis of providing better care for his children. When asked about his inspiration behind creating a company that 3D prints casts and splints, he commented: “They say necessity is the father […]

Boostaro LLC is Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for All


Artificial intelligence is taking over, but Snehal Talati, Founder and CEO of Boostaroo LLC, explains how everyone benefits from its power. We sat down with Talati at Synapse Summit, an event designed for entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas, and expand their brand reach. Talati is an agile and enterprise coach. He shared his insights on […]

Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing with Innovative Solutions and Advanced Technologies

Branding Bosses

Branding Bosses, a leading digital marketing agency, is shaping the future of digital marketing with its innovative approach. Founder Nadia Kaminskaya and her team have been at the forefront of digital marketing trends and have attended every Synapse Summit to stay ahead of the curve. The agency has integrated advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence […]