Accomplished Ukrainian Singer Finds Strength and Hope in her Love of Music


Growing up in Ukraine, Helen Avramenko always had a love for music. At just a young age, she started taking lessons in a variety of styles, including pop, jazz, soul, classical, and even opera. 

“I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember,” says Avramenko. “I have loved to sing since childhood. From the age of 7, I began to professionally study vocals and piano. And for almost 22 years, I have been professionally engaged in music.”

As she grew older and continued to develop her musical talents, she was recognized for her skills by winning several music competitions and festivals. 

“I am a laureate of international competitions and festivals. I had the honor to graduate from a professional musical institution where Jamala, a wonderful Ukrainian singer and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, once studied,” says Avramenko. 

 In addition to being an accomplished singer herself, Helen also has extensive experience teaching music to others. Whether working with children or adults, Helen enjoys sharing her passion for music with others and supporting their growth as musicians. 

With events in Ukraine that  “changed my life very much and forever,”  says Avramenko.  “Now, the most important message of my life is Peace in my country!”

“Today, every Ukrainian goes through a very difficult path and fights for their freedom and peace, wherever they are. Now I am far beyond the ocean in America, But My weapon is music, my voice,” says Avramenko. 

She adds, “and through my performance, my songs, I want to show what a beautiful, talented and strong people of Ukraine! Today I can be proud that I am Ukrainian! With my music, I want to say, “Today, Now we need peace in Ukraine!”

Helen Avramenko hopes to one day write a song communicating this message and “find a response in many hearts.” Although music is an important part of Helen’s life, she doesn’t quite know what the future holds for her. 

But, she does know that “my vocation and this is the path I am following. It’s not easy, but this is my path through life, which I like. I like to make people happy. It’s nice to know that I can make someone a little happier with my creativity.” 

What continues to inspire Avramenko is the sea, the ocean, the sound of the waves, and freedom. 

“When I see a person who just dances, sings or smiles, this means that this person is happy and this is wonderful; this cannot but inspire,” says Avramenko.  “Music inspires me. I am inspired by my work, what I do.”

Helen Avramenko’s story is just one of many that attest to the power of music. It has the ability to transcend time and space, connect us with our emotions, and bring us joy. Music is a gift that we should all appreciate and be grateful for.


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