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King Complex


King Complex is a music group comprising two artists who are paving the way for alternative, electronic, and rock music. Known for wearing masks while performing, they’re out-of-the-box thinkers that aren’t afraid to do something weird. 

Cody Doss, one of the members of King Complex, gets “bored very quickly.” He’s always been fascinated by combining weird sounds and genres to make something unique that stands out to listeners. Growing up in Jupiter, Florida, he began experimenting with his computer to record different types of music and demos before entering a music studio. A self-taught music producer, “I wanted to make my music sound the like music I was listening to.” Then, at fourteen years old, he was approached by a funk band to produce a record for them, and he dove in headfirst. 

Individually, both members of King Complex have been playing music from a very young age. “The two of us met in college, playing in different groups and such, when we decided to do something more unique. We got bored playing in rock bands. [So] as a group, we’ve been playing for about six years now,” Doss shared. He added by describing the style of King Complex’s music as “fun” and gets their inspiration from “life.”

A question most musicians face when releasing new music is, “what is the message I’m trying to share?” Doss responded, “music is healing, and music is very powerful. I would like to push people and society toward the potential I see in the world that is not necessarily there right now.” He continued, “I feel [like] each of our songs is getting at a different subject or life experience. I’m not sure that we have an overall message, more [so] uncovering truth and collecting ideas about the world we’re in overtime.” Lastly, Doss wants to help change the world by making others realize that “people are too greedy and oppressive; sh*t’s exhausting, man. I wish those people could see that it doesn’t have to be that way. That you can choose other ways [to go about life].” 

As an independent producer, Doss works with “some of [his] favorite people in the world.” From dark psych rock to indie rock and hip-hop artists, he’s willing to take on all different kinds of projects. As a musician in a band, his creative process for writing new music is similar in that he’s open to all new ideas and sounds. “Usually, we write alone, record a demo of an idea, then show each other eventually. When enough songs start having the same feel, we follow where the music seems to be veering.” Doss added, “Bracher, my bandmate, grew up playing and loving pop and classic rock sort of stuff. I’ve always been into [all] sorts [of] weird sh*t. We [come] together and, with our powers combined, [can take on anything]!”

Doss is quite the character and a funny guy. When asked what the biggest mistake he’s made in his career so far is, he responded, “authentic Mexican food [before a] show. [Just] don’t do it.” Thanks for the tip, Doss. As he looks to the future of King Complex, he sees them continuing to write and produce music in a “snowy mountain studio,” listening to artists like “Kendrick Lamar and this band CHAI that I found and love.” Now reaching over 29,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, keep King Complex’s name in your mind, as they’re sure to stick around for a while.


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