Kimberly Prattis: The Rise of Campbell Enterprises

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Wayne Campbell and Kimberly Prattis are the Founders of Campbell Enterprises. The two have built multiple businesses within the Campbell Enterprise portfolio that range from real estate, freight carriers, freight brokerage, and the beauty industry. Kimberly and Wayne are both military veterans with over 35 years of service two of them.

Campbell Enterprises primarily focuses on the Freight Carrier and Freight Brokerage business. As Freight Brokers, they specialize in selling transportation to shippers worldwide. Providing excellent transport resources throughout the United States.

Throughout Kimberly and Wayne’s professional lives, they realized that working in corporate was not something they wanted to do. This helped them move forward and take their own journey to becoming who they are today. They wanted to leave a legacy behind so that their kids had something to learn from. After serving 35+ years in the military, they both felt it was time to start something of their own.

During the beginning stages of building their business, they thought it was going to be harder than expected, but fortunately, companies that were working with them knew them well in advance, giving them a great advantage in getting started. This helps boost the company revenue and brand equity extremely high, even in just the beginning stages of the process. 

Despite the company’s large success, Wayne and Kimberly faced their own challenges.  Buying land is a tricky process as there need to be proper checks made before purchasing it, and that’s one area they felt they had paid more attention to in some instances. They express how important it is to conduct proper due diligence so that no money is wasted in buying inhabitable land. 

 If Kimberly could give us any piece of advice, it would be to start whatever you aspire to do, but you just need to start. Because they say the hardest part is starting. 

Campbell Enterprise partners with various non-profit organizations monthly to provide resources and education to low-income communities and those less fortunate. Campbell Enterprises continues to build its brand while helping others take control and build their future.


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