Kimberly Prattis With Campbell Enterprises

Company Name: Core Logistics Group, ZS Elite Trucking, GCA Freight & Logistics,
A-Jayded Beauty Body Bar & Spa

About Kimberly Prattis & Campbell Enterprises

Kimberly Prattis, along with Wayne Campbell, are the founders of Campbell Enterprises.
Together they own multiple businesses within Freight Transportation & Brokerage Services, a
Beauty Spa and Residential Real Estate.

They’re the owners of; Core Logistics Group, TZS Elite Trucking, GCA Freight & Logistics,
A-Jayded Beauty Body Bar & Spa and residential rental properties located in Florida & South
Carolina. Wayne and Kimberly are military veterans with over 35 years of service between the
two of them. The two come from humble beginnings and were raised in a small town located in
Dover, Delaware.

Neither one of them had ever imagined their lives would take the course of entrepreneurship, but
Wayne and Kimberly were determined that once they joined the race to become business owners,
it would be to win. Wayne and Kimberly first took on Entrepreneurship in 2018 and still
maintained full-time jobs.

Kimberly recently retired from the United States Air Force in 2021, after completing
22 years of service. Kimberly holds a double masters in Business Administration and Homeland
Security, a bachelors in Finance and Criminal Justice. Kimberly’s background gave her the tools
they would need to take Campbell Enterprises to the next level. She is their manager and
overseer while Wayne tackles the field operations.

Wayne served 15 years in the United States Marine Corps. He would start his path in Logistics
with UPS. However, Wayne always wanted to be his own boss. Wayne would complete various
courses and certifications to learn logistics and the operations of transport, which would give the
mechanics of what was needed for Kimberly and Wayne’s business to be successful.
Together they would birth TZS Elite Trucking LLC. It wasn’t much longer after they would tap
into the beauty industry and open a facial spa in Brandon, Florida. Later the two would tap into
their next venture of freight brokerage, which would birth their third business, Core Logistics
Group; providing transport service and communication between shippers and carriers
worldwide. They quickly recognized they were building an enterprise of businesses. They would
try their hand in real estate by converting homes they had purchased into rental properties. This
would begin the forming of their Enterprise.

Wayne and Kimberly have built their businesses from the ground up. No handouts, nothing
inherited, no lucky deals. The two have accredited their success to having the support of one
another, never doubting what they could do, and, most importantly, their faith that with God, all
things are possible.


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