James Finley With Finley Media Group & United Mortgage Group

Company Name: Finley Media Group & United Mortgage Group

About James Finley

James Finley is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. His background is deeply rooted in the
business and banking sectors. As the current President of United Mortgage Group. James has several
local and national companies under his leadership.

In 1992 he graduated from West End High School in Birmingham. He graduated University Of
Alabama, Birmingham, with a Political science degree in 1997. After college, he began working as
a Customer Service Rep at SouthTrust Bank. He was quickly promoted at SouthTrust Bank to the
position of Loan Office Analyst for the Mergers and Acquisition Team. He also served as a
Mortgage Trainer. After hard work and a proven track record, James became the Asst. Vice
President for Mortgage Servicing Department.

After working for the top financial institutions in the area, SouthTrust Bank, Wachovia Bank and
Wells Fargo Bank, his skillset allowed him to begin working as a subcontractor training banks
and credit unions.

In 2008, Finley created Finley Media Group, a humble beginning. Starting with just one
Streaming Radio Station. FMG has grown to six streaming radio stations that include Top 40,
Soul Vibe, Country, Latin, Hip Hop, and Gospel formats.

2015 United Mortgage Group was created to make homeownership a reality. Providing loans
with the personal attention of a local company, however, has the abilities of a national United
Mortgage group makes customers feel welcomed and appreciated.
2022, as his portfolio continues to grow with his newest endeavor, The Finley Group LLC, a
Lobbyist Firm. James Finley continues to search for new business opportunities while
improving and growing his current businesses.

United Mortgage Group, The Finley Group, and Associates JDL LLC are three companies under the
same leadership. His philosophy is simple, “We use old-school techniques with new-school

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