Matthew Hill: Capturing Life’s Joy Through Photography

matthew hill

Matthew Hill is a creative visionary and passionate photographer whose journey into the world of art and photography has been nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we delve into his background, his favorite medium, and the profound message he aims to convey through his art. Matthew’s unique journey and inspiring perspective make him a […]

Elizabeth Barenis: Capturing Tampa’s Beauty in Every Brushstroke

Elizabeth Barenis

In the bustling art scene of Tampa, Elizabeth Barenis stands out as an artist who encapsulates the city’s serene landscapes and abstract beauty. With a career spanning nearly two decades, Barenis has become a voice for Tampa’s unspoken elegance, translating its charm onto canvas. Integrating into Tampa’s Art Scene Since arriving in Tampa Bay in […]

Cristina Cernicenco: The Artistic Luminary Illuminating Femininity Through Her Lens

Tampa’s art scene is about to be graced with the debut of Cristina Cernicenco, a photographer whose work delves deep into the realms of femininity and sensuality. With a career spanning over two decades, Cernicenco stands not merely as a photographer but as an artist who magnifies the profound elements of femininity in her art. […]

Douglas Thonen: Crafting Visceral Narratives Through Art in Tampa Bay

Douglas Thonen

Douglas Thonen, a Tampa-based artist renowned for his expressive paintings, weaves a narrative that transcends mere artistry, delving into life’s intricate tapestry. His distinctive style, marked by thick brushstrokes, brings portraits and landscapes to life, reflecting his deep commitment to art. An Artistic Awakening Thonen’s journey in art began at USF in 2003, but it […]

Ashley Cassens – Never Give Up On Your Dream

Ashley Cassens

Ashley Cassens is an extremely talented artist located in Tampa, Florida. She specializes in mostly figurative and representational art. She has been a creator of art for most other life; not only does she create, but she also enjoys learning about the arts. Ashley graduated from Florida Southern with a BFA and returned to Florida […]

Courtney Pasterchick – Beauty Behind the Body

courtney pasterchick

Courtney Pasterchick is a graduate of the University of Tampa who pursues her love for mural art by painting murals full-time. She loves figure painting because it shows how truly beautiful the body is and has helped her grow as an artist. She believes it is important to improve daily and knows there is so […]

Tracey Jones- Art Inspired by Culture

tracey jones

Tracey Jones was born in Pennsylvania and was lucky enough to gain travel experience and learn about different cultures that would further inspire her art. Starting at the age of six, Jones came to the realization that she had a love for art and would continue this passion throughout her life. The artist values making […]

Rojo the Artist – Transforming Tampa Bay’s Art Scene

 Rojo the Artist

 Rojo the Artist, discovered his passion for art at the young age of fifteen but describes himself as always being a creative person. Roldan professionally started art at twenty-two years old after quitting his job in sales. The artist believes in pursuing whatever career makes you happy and not choosing a path simply for others.  […]

Damian Stuck – Behind the Paintings

Damian Stuck

Damian Stuck found his love for oil painting at the age of six due to his childhood which was filled with moments that would impact his life forever. Now, Stuck strives to influence people worldwide with his symbolic oil paintings while taking influence from amazing artists such as Salvador Dali and Franz Stuck.  Damian Stuck […]