Dr. Kelly Baez, PT, DPT: A Transformative Approach to Physical Therapy in Tampa Bay

In a field often dominated by conventional methods, Dr. Kelly Baez, PT, DPT, stands out as a unique and innovative force in physical therapy.  Dr. Baez is a mobile concierge physical therapist based in the Tampa Bay area who is transforming the landscape of physical therapy by incorporating a comprehensive, whole-person approach to health and […]

Levi Jaeckel and Perform24: Pioneering Fitness and Wellness in Tampa Heights

Levi Jaeckel, owner of Perform24

Levi Jaeckel, owner of Perform24, stands out as a local leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry. His journey from a D1 Athlete to a personal trainer and gym owner encapsulates his dedication to transforming lives through fitness. Levi’s new venture, relocating Perform24 to Tampa Heights, promises to bring a fresh wave of […]

Boostaro LLC is Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for All


Artificial intelligence is taking over, but Snehal Talati, Founder and CEO of Boostaroo LLC, explains how everyone benefits from its power. We sat down with Talati at Synapse Summit, an event designed for entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas, and expand their brand reach. Talati is an agile and enterprise coach. He shared his insights on […]