Mixing Colors: Hospitality Entrepreneur & Professional Painter

Matt Boden

What happens when you mix hospitality with the paint industry? After 20+ years as a dedicated professional in the restaurant industry, Matt Boden was ready to apply his customer service expertise towards his other passion — painting. 2022 marked a transformative year for Matt when he left the hospitality industry and jumped head first to […]

Tommy Whitehead: Renown Contractor. LGBT+ Advocate. Proud Family Man.

Tommy Whitehead

One of Tampa’s premier contractors isn’t just installing doors. He’s opening them too. Tommy Whitehead — President and Founder of TomCo Solutions — is one of the first 50 LGBT-certified LGBTQ+ Business Enterprises (LGBTBE) in construction. To him, it’s a great way to represent Tampa’s diverse and booming entrepreneurial spirit while also creating more inclusive […]

Brandon Assaf’s Journey to Revolutionize Healthy Eating with ReBuilt Meals

Brandon Assaf - RebuiltMeals

In the bustling world of health and wellness, one name stands out as a disruptor for those seeking nutritious, convenient meals. Meet Brandon Assaf, the visionary entrepreneur behind ReBuilt Meals, a rapidly growing company at the forefront of the meal delivery industry. Brandon’s extraordinary backstory and the inception of ReBuilt Meals have been the driving […]

Mandy Schulis, The Boss B*tch

Mandy Schulis

Mandy Schulis is a certified Integrated Trauma-Informed Story Coach. “Coaching” is a bucket title, but Mandy’s niche coaching is filled with intuitive listening, seeing, and feeling the pain points in people’s lives.  “I help women with a story shift. I show them that everyone is in charge of their own fairytale, and fairytales have bad […]

Octoryia Robinson: Transforming Writers into Authorpreneurs

Octoryia Robinson

Octoryia Robinson, Founder, and CEO of Dream That Big Publishing (DTBP), serves as a success coach, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and nurturer of dreams. She is the author of Unraveled Potential and the host of the podcast 7-Figure Authorpreneur. “My personal journey taught me resilience the hard way. I kept looking failure in the face and […]

Alexis Quintal — Revolutionizing How Entrepreneurs Make Their Mark

alexis quintal

Need impactful public relations or a stellar marketing campaign? You’ll have to scour through thousands of resumes to find qualified talent with the perfect level of experience and a solid understanding of your business.  Or you could just call Alexis Quintal. Quintal is a seasoned marketing veteran who has worked for some pretty big names […]

Alison Amick Brett- Mom, Wife, Photographer Entrepreneur, and Overall BOSS

Alison Amick Brett

Alison Amick Brett is the founder of not one but two photography businesses in Tampa Bay: Alison Amick Photography, launched in 2012 to break into a market of families and children, and more recently, Little Llamas Portraits, which launched in 2020, providing candid, stress-free children’s photography.  For the past 10 years, Alison has enjoyed the […]

Rudy Mawer – The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

Rudy Mawer

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Rudy Mawer, a true boss in every sense of the word. Rudy’s impressive track record in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship is nothing short of awe-inspiring, having helped over 40,000 businesses grow online, serving as CEO of billion-dollar brands, and […]