Alexis Quintal — Revolutionizing How Entrepreneurs Make Their Mark

alexis quintal

Need impactful public relations or a stellar marketing campaign? You’ll have to scour through thousands of resumes to find qualified talent with the perfect level of experience and a solid understanding of your business.  Or you could just call Alexis Quintal. Quintal is a seasoned marketing veteran who has worked for some pretty big names […]

Alison Amick Brett- Mom, Wife, Photographer Entrepreneur, and Overall BOSS

News Bosses Featured Image of Alison Amick Brett

Alison Amick Brett is the founder of not one but two photography businesses in Tampa Bay: Alison Amick Photography, launched in 2012 to break into a market of families and children, and more recently, Little Llamas Portraits, which launched in 2020, providing candid, stress-free children’s photography.  For the past 10 years, Alison has enjoyed the […]

Rudy Mawer – The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

Rudy Mawer

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Rudy Mawer, a true boss in every sense of the word. Rudy’s impressive track record in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship is nothing short of awe-inspiring, having helped over 40,000 businesses grow online, serving as CEO of billion-dollar brands, and […]

Drew Barnett – Creating a Digital Footprint Through Meaningful Content

As the Chief Creative Officer for Phoenix Portfolio Partners and the Co-Founder of Deal Closer Digital, Drew Barnett is a well-respected expert in the creative media and content creation industry. His company, Deal Closer Digital, offers a range of services designed to increase organic traffic and leave a meaningful digital footprint for businesses through positive […]

Eric Ritter, the SEO Sommelier — Pairing Your Digital Needs with the Right Solutions

eric ritter

Imagine if search engine optimization (SEO) was simple. For many, that seems like an impossibility. But for Eric Ritter, it’s a mission. Ritter is a nationally sought-after digital marketing expert. He is the self-proclaimed SEO Sommelier and CEO of Digital Neighbor — a Tampa digital marketing agency.  Born and raised in Mainz, Germany — a […]

Nadia Kaminskaya – The Ultimate Boss

nadia kaminskaya

Nadia Kaminskaya, aka “Ms. Brand Boss,” is a serial entrepreneur in Tampa Bay focused on elevating the startup and creative scene in the Bay Area. She is the founder and CEO of Branding Bosses, Design Bosses, co-owner of Next Level Homes, and the newly launched News Bosses, an independent media source that is focused on […]

Ben Sever: Purpose-Driven Serial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

pete blum

“We will continue to invest in timeless, disruptive innovation as well as incubate purpose-driven ventures.” Ben Sever, a serial entrepreneur, enterprise technologist, and renowned philanthropist, spent his dynamic career empowering technology, corporate culture, philanthropic awareness, entrepreneurial acceleration, creative communications, and purpose-driven brands. He holds the CEO, Chairman, and Founder role for eRemede, Entourage, Champa Bay […]

Amanda Guerra – Sweet Clementine: Beautiful on the Outside, Delicious on the Inside

amanda guerra sweet clementine

Amanda Guerra grew up living in Spain, helping her mother decorate cakes for her sibling’s birthday and other special occasions. When they moved to the United States, they decided to start a business out of their kitchen to help others enjoy their delicious and artistic cakes. This mother-daughter duo is the perfect pair of entrepreneurs. […]

Marcos Rivera – A Multi-faceted Entrepreneur & Serial Philanthropist

marcos rivera

Marcos Rivera is a man of many talents and a true visionary. While recognition, glory, and money are all nice, they pale in comparison to actually leaving a mark on our communities. We are all finite, but our legacy is not – and Marcos Rivera is determined to make his count. Marcos Rivera is a […]